About Us

Hi, my name is Alan Smith AKA the Prepared Survivalist and welcome to preparedsurvivalist.org, your place for anything survival and preparedness related.Whether you are just starting out and learning the basic of survival and preparedness or are a seasoned veteran in the survival/preparedness community and even know how to grow your own garden, I want you to feel right at home on this website.The fact that you have found me in the crowded parts of the world wide web show me that you are:- a family man/woman who loves your family more than yourself and wants to keep them safe no matter what.- realize that technology can fail and understand that you need to be prepared to deal without it.- love being outdoors and understand that a disaster is lurking around the corner when you spend any amount of time away from the community.I created preparedsurvivalist.org just for people like you. On this website, I will share all sorts of amazing survival and preparedness related ideas and tips & tricks for you to pick up on and apply them on your own.

And of course, it is wise to be prepared when you head out. So I took the time and compiled a list of useful resources that could help you in your survival and prepper journeys.

Survival & Prepper Books & Courses

The Lost Ways: In The Lost Ways 2 you’ll discover almost all the edible and medicinal plants in North America, including a powerful painkiller, a driveway antibiotic weed, a back-pain relief plant, and a lot, lot more…This time all with colored pictures.

Easy Cellar:There’s a general belief that burying a shipping container you can end up with an awesome root cellar and storm shelter. But is a shipping container strong enough to handle the pressure?

Specops Bushcrafting:How To Start A Fire Using… Your Pee.. Unoththodox? yes.. This is taken straight out of a special forces survival course. Details can be found by clicking the orange button.

Survival Food

American Natural Superfood:Prepper and Medical Doctor Patrick Conrad from Florida created this 44-Superfood mixture when he got very ill from his survival food during a hurricane. He created this superfood shake mix as a replacement or supplement for survival food caches, bug-out-bags and every day use. This is the ‘Holy Grail’ for most preppers: an easy, affordable, storable, portable, delicious food supply that doesn’t require cooking, shopping, juicing, or messes.

Survival Gear

TACT Biffy Sleepingbag:The TACT Bivvy space-age fabric reflects 90% of your body heat back to you. Once you’re inside the TACT Bivvy, you’re instantly wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. This means when you use the TACT Bivvy in situations where the temperature has plunged to dangerously low levels you’re still warm and protected. It only weighs 6.2 ounces! You can take the TACT Bivvy with you absolutely anywhere and you’ll never have to worry about its size or weight causing problems.

Tesla Lighter:Take charge with the Tesla Lighter, a rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, butane or hassle! This innovative lighter works by creating an electric arc with one press of a button. Simply charge up via USB and you’re ready to go – anytime, anywhere. No more lighter fluid refills or throwing out those cheap plastic lighters! The lighter also has a safety feature, so it will not light up when the lid is closed. We believe in forging the way with inventive new products designed for the modern world. The Tesla Lighter is simple, safe, reliable, and with its sleek and elegant design, it makes a great gift for yourself or your friends.

Power Card Charger:You may be miles away from a working outlet when SHTF, which is what makes the PowerCard USB Charger a must-have survival tool. This power-packed charger is no bigger than a credit card so you can take it with you on the go and make sure you have a reliable backup power supply when you need one. If you or a loved one is ever stuck, stranded, or otherwise in need of emergency services, then a dead cell phone battery could literally make the difference between life or death. Make sure you’re always equipped to handle next to anything by purchasing your own PowerCard today.

Pocket Radio:This is the amazing Kaito KA-208 “Kaito Credit Card Radio”. Kaito created this “Pocket Radio” so people could finally have an ultra-light and super-powerful radio. The same size as a credit card (and only ⅞ of an inch thick), this is one of the tiniest radios on the market. With perfectly cut fingernail notches, the tuning dial acts like a heat-seeking missile to find the station you need in a crisis.

Lifestraw:LifeStraw is one of the greatest selling survival products of all time.  This is a unique offer only from Survival Frog where we bundle free Survival Paracord Grenades with multiple LifeStraw purchases.

Survival Neck Knife:Preppers agree – this is easily one of the most convenient survival weapons on the market. Not only is this tactical knife incredibly durable and able to cut through a ton of different materials, such as paracord and rope, but it’s also made to comfortably fit around your neck, allowing you to have complete disaster preparedness at all times. With a superior grip handle and a stainless steel fixed blade, you’re going to wonder how your hand ever functioned without this incredible survival knife inside it. Perfect for camping trips and emergency situations alike, this is one survival tool you need to add to your camping gear and bug out bag NOW before SHTF!