About Us

Hi, my name is Alan Smith AKA the Prepared Survivalist and welcome to preparedsurvivalist.org, your place for anything survival and preparedness related.Whether you are just starting out and learning the basic of survival and preparedness or are a seasoned veteran in the survival/preparedness community and even know how to grow your own garden, I want you to feel right at home on this website.The fact that you have found me in the crowded parts of the world wide web show me that you are:- a family man/woman who loves your family more than yourself and wants to keep them safe no matter what.- realize that technology can fail and understand that you need to be prepared to deal without it.- love being outdoors and understand that a disaster is lurking around the corner when you spend any amount of time away from the community.I created preparedsurvivalist.org just for people like you. On this website, I will share all sorts of amazing survival and preparedness related ideas and tips & tricks for you to pick up on and apply them on your own.

And of course, it is wise to be prepared when you head out. So I took the time and compiled a list of useful resources that could help you in your survival and prepper journeys.