Prepper Secrets: If you want to learn new skills that can help you survive – without getting caught unprepared and leaving your family vulnerable to disasters and catastrophes – this online course, The Prepper Secrets, holds the secret every struggling prepper needs!

Usefull Websites

The Survivalist Blog: The website is run by Dan F. Sullivan, owner of and his right-hand, Tara Dodrill. The rest of the team is comprised of highly-experienced preppers, homesteaders and firearms experts with a wealth of knowledge to share.

prepper website: to provide links to quality articles and websites that focus on preparing for emergencies, survival, homesteading, bushcraft, DIY, frugal living, simple life and alternative news so that you can love your people, get prepared and live free!

Gunbacker: is a dedicated resource for all your firearm needs. Their primary goal is to provide you reviews of their favorite firearms, gear they’ve used or checked out and help you learn how to operate a firearm safely.

The Survival Mom: Lisa help moms learn how to prepare and equip their families for those critical moments when life hits you hard and there’s no time to figure out what to do. She gives you training and resources

American Preppers Online: Sarge is a US ARMY veteran who wants to give back to the prepper community. He does this because he loves it and believes that in the near future the thin veneer that holds society together will fail.

SHTF Preparedness: is fixated on what you might call lifestyle: Food, what to do with old jeans, how to spend your money, survival gear reviews, and the like. It’s a great place for both recipes and for advice on how to find the best meat when the best meat isn’t found at the grocery store. There are also excellent tutorials for making your own stuff around the house. Ranked blogs is your dedicated source to find top blogs in your favourite niche. Prepared Survivalist ranks #46 for best survival blogs.

Prepared Survivalist Mentions How to pack a Go-Bag. In this article the writer Carson Sperry asks 8 survival and prepper experts to give some tips on how to pack a Go-Bag so that you won’t run into surprises when disaster strikes.