Barndominiums: Why Homesteaders Love Them

Have you ever heard of “barndominiums”? This unique housing concept has been gaining popularity among homesteaders, off-grid families, and those looking for a cost-effective and versatile living space. So, what exactly is a barndominium, and why are more and more preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders choosing to call one home? A barndominium (affectionately dubbed ‘barndo’ by …

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Fresnel Lens DIY Solar Cooker

Key Highlights Introduction Solar cooking is a sustainable and efficient way to prepare food using the sun’s energy. One popular type of solar cooker is the DIY Fresnel Cooker. They utilize a Fresnel lens to concentrate solar energy and reach high temperatures for cooking.  Solar cooking has been practiced for centuries, but recent advancements in …

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Meat Smokers: Top 5 On The Market

Smoked meat hanging and plated.

The best meat smokers and their best-selling products offer the home user a uniquely  professional grade piece of equipment to both BBQ and smoke their meat. For homesteaders and survivalists who are looking to smoke their own meat, having a reliable and high-quality meat smoker is essential. With so many brands and models available on …

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How To Build A Rocket Stove On The Cheap

Starting a fire from a leaf pile.

Rocket stoves are an efficient and eco-friendly way to cook and heat your home using minimal resources. By harnessing the power of combustion, rocket stoves can significantly reduce fuel bills, energy consumption and carbon emissions, making them a popular choice for sustainable living enthusiasts. Rocket stoves offer numerous benefits for folks looking to live off …

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