What To Do First In a Survival Situation

what to do first in a survival situation

The first thing to do in a survival situation is to find or make some form of shelter to keep yourself warm and isolated from the weather. From the shelter you set up you can go look for water and food. Get a fire going and scout the area so you can make a plan on how to get back to society. This is the most important thing to do first in any survival situation.

Faraday Cage: How to Build One And What To Put In It

How To Build A Faraday Cage 1

When we think about prepping, we usually think about the romanticised situations that movies are made around.  You might think about a massive earthquake, military invasion, or even a zombie apocalypse. However, I bet you don’t sit around thinking about a solar flare or electro-magnetic pulse very often. It’s odd that preppers don’t usually consider …

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