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6 Important Survival Items For Under $12

6 important survival items for under $12

Anyone in the prepping and survival world can tell you how costly it can become. Gathering all the gear can be a great pain to your wallet but we still do it anyway since it is all we know.

Unfortunately for some people, the required gear costs too much and they end up being underprepared for any emergency situation. Cheap but reliable survival gear is a must for those people.

The problem lies with the reliable part. Most of the times when you buy cheap you buy garbage. Luckily for us, Gray Wolf Survival compiled a list of cheap but reliable items for your survival pack.

Cree LED flashlight

Obviously I had to mention this little thing. They’re under $5 (including shipping), damn near indestructible, and REALLY bright. I’ve already placed 3 orders for these myself and I’ll definitely be buying more. I keep one in each vehicle, one in my Harley, one in my go bag, one in my bug out bag, and have a couple around the house.

They take a single AA battery and can run off rechargeables. They’re about 4″ long and really inexpensive so they’re one of the best things for stocking stuffers for people even if they’re not a prepper or camper.

Mylar blankets

Contrary to popular belief, these aren’t great as a survival blanket. They tear way too easily so they might work for a night, but not much more. They’ll do in a pinch but the more expensive, thicker ones are much better but they’re not under $10.

These, however, are much less expensive and take up much less space. You can pack several of them pretty much anywhere.

They’re great for reflecting body heat or campfire heat down to your body in a shelter and can be used as a kind of mini tarp for laying things out that you don’t want dirty.

100 feet of 550 cord

One of the most useful items you can have in your camping or bug out gear. I could write sonnets about how to use 550 cord in a survival situation but I won’t because I hate sonnets. And I can’t write them

Piano wire

This is some super great stuff for setting traps, building shelters and other things around camp, and lots of other uses. You could also buy snare traps already made-up but it’s more expensive and you can’t use them for much else. You can even make a weapon out of this stuff called a garrote, which is a horrible way to die, I’d imagine.

S.O.S. Emergency food rations bar

This is what I carry in my go bag and my bug out bag. For under $10, you get Coast-Guard-approved rations that fit 3600 calories in a tight little space. You can get cheaper ones like Mainstay but they’re not as good as these. In an emergency situation, this could easily get you through your 72 hours (you’ll still be a little hungry but you could still operate).

Quality emergency mirror

A signal mirror is one of those essential communication things that you should always have in your survival kit. You can use it to signal your comrades or for rescue, or you could use them to shave if you’re not a real man.

The problem is that most of them are junk.

Get a glass one and get a quality one because the other ones won’t hold up. The ones with the hole in the middle are easier to aim.

To learn more survival tips and tricks, please visit Gray Wolf Survival.


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