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8 Kickass Booby Traps That Will Protect Your Home

8 Kickass Booy Traps That Will Protect Your Home

Burglars and looter are waiting for an opportunity to rob you from your valuables during a SHTF scenario.

To protect your home from unwanted guests you can start using these 8 Kickass boobytraps.

Boobytraps are devices intended to threaten, harm or kill a person. mostly with the element of surprise as they will trigger the booby trap unknowingly.

Now dig into some of our favorite boobytraps provided by our friends over at Survivallife.com

1. Trip Wire

Trip Wire | Unusual Booby Traps to Protect Your Home

A trip wire is a wire or a cord stretched close to the ground and attached to an explosive or to an alarm that prevents an intruder from entering an area. It is one of the most basic yet effective forms of security system you can make. Have you heard about Mosul Iraq? Iraqi forces are currently clearing hundreds or even thousands of booby traps placed by Islamic State Militants. It just shows how effective it is even after the insurgents have been defeated.

2. Feather Spear Trap

The feather spear trap is effective against wild hogs. This trap is easy to do but very lethal. It is also one of the earliest forms of traps. Our ancestors used these for hunting wild animals and to protect their land from invaders ideally placed in trails. Ever watched the movie Apocalypto? For sure you’ll see one of these.

3. Paracord Snare Trap

The snare trap is one of the simplest forms of traps. It catches an animal around its neck or the body. This is an effective tool for catching and harvesting small games or furbearers. Though it may be illegal in some states, it is reliable in a desperate survival situation. Having the skill to make one of these is a good leverage for every survivalist.

4. Cornflour Explosive

Corn flour sprayed in the flames of a burning candle inside a tin can will result in an explosion because of the rapid combustion. The reaction of this explosive device shows the change of the chemical energy stored in the corn flour into heat.

5. Slow Burning Fuse

You can create an explosive time delay with some items you can find inside the house. With a slow burning fuse, you can buy yourself some time to hide before it explodes.

6. Punji Stake Pit

Punji sticks are stakes that were sharpened, fire-hardened pieces of bamboo, sharp enough to easily penetrate a soldier’s thick boot. The ends of the stakes were soaked with enzymes or poison to cause infection. This booby trap can absolutely result in serious injuries or even fatalities.

7. Talking Booby Trap

If you’re looking for a way to catch those culprits or “sneaky snoops” then this talking booty trap project is definitely a must try. Go get those pesky thieves with this firing device and prevent them from stealing your stuff!

8. Explosion Simulator

This project maybe just a simulator but it can be a very reliable and kick ass booby trap if it’s made right. The explosion can cause serious damage to intruders. Consider it like anti-personnel mines. The fire that will come out of this simulator will drive those sneaky thieves away.


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  1. It’s funny that you mention punji stake traps. Americans learned about them the hard way. The VIETCONG Used them to kill our troops During the Vietnam war.


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