6 Important Survival Items For Under $12

6 important survival items for under $12

Anyone in the prepping and survival world can tell you how costly it can become. Gathering all the gear can be a great pain to your wallet but we still do it anyway since it is all we know. Unfortunately for some people, the required gear costs too much and they end up being underprepared …

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7 Most Important Items to Have in Your EDC

7 Most Important Items To Have In your EDC

There are literally countless items that you can use in a survival situation. But what about the essential items that you would take with you every day? As I’ve said before there is no one size fits all type of survival plan and equipment out there. every person and their situations are unique. so every …

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6 Unexpected Items For Your Survival Pack

6 unexpected items for your survival pack

As a true survivalist, you probably know the essential item that you need to have with you in survival situations. Food – duh. Water – jup. First aid – not leaving without it. But what about some of the lesser known items that you can use? Our friends over at survivalhacks.info have a great list …

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